You Don’t Need a Guru (follow yourself instead)

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You Don’t Need a Guru (follow yourself instead)

Be Yourself

4 Ways To Be A Leader In Your Own Life

The job of being you isn’t to:

  • regurgitate someone else’s intelligence
  • copy someone else’s work
  • translate or “massage” (another person’s) copy for your own brand

When I say “intelligence” I mean the deep knowing we all have access too that comes from awareness—the knowing is that deep stillness of peace that is always there just below the endless noise of thoughts.

Our own intel, that intuitive stuff that comes from us–is to solely for our own benefit–so that we’ll awaken to our own aware realization.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing what you know, but don’t “take” from someone else for it has no power for you anyway. Instead you could use their intel as a kind of road map in discovering your own. You don’t follow anyone else, exactly, but you may from time to time, walk along side them.

Because your path is your path; you don’t need anyone else’s intel or path because their vibrational frequency is not yours either. It may well be compatible, which is why you’re attracted in the first place, but it’s isn’t precisely right for you. Your vibrational frequency is always tuning itself anyway and nothing anyone else says or does will alter that. Only you can.

So if you read words that belong to another and they resonate as truth for you too, then take this intimacy into the still awareness of yourself and find where it is actually resonating with a truth of your own.

Don’t ape intel from another and start mouthing it like it’s your own; that’s a child’s perception of growth. It will never feed you in the way you need–leaving you always hungry for more.

Use the intel of others like a soother; for a time it’ll be comforting; when you’re ready you’ll put it down, and go off on your own balanced way.


1. We’re Raised to Ape: Copying is how we’re taught (just don’t keep doing it)

Aping is what we’ve all learned on our way to growing up. Unfortunately it’s also expected from us adults too. We’re constantly pressured to:

  • Do what we’re directed
  • Do as we’re told
  • Follow the rules
  • Adhere to every system or association we’re connected too

We’re required in almost all ways to be like someone or something other than what we actually are. And it isn’t good for us.


2. Don’t be like others be brave enough to find out who you are

Be yourself in all its terrible glory. Realize your vision; share it with someone so they too might fracture their faux reality, when you do that you’re unconsciously giving permission to the rest of us to follow suit (in our own lives) so we can heal in the deepest recesses of our own wounded lives.


3. Follow yourself. Not me or anyone else. Find your own way. That’s the job

To be real you have be willing to accept the ordinary, and the (perceived) ugly about everything; including yourself. Until then, you won’t be able to accept what’s truly great about you either. :0) And let me tell you, accepting your own shit is the best fertilizer to the lovely bed of roses that’s hidden just beneath.


3. Daily Thoughts Are Your Garden Variety Terrorists

The only way to smell the roses and let their faces shift towards the sun is too listen–to yourself. All the things that others say is great, for them—but you aren’t them. Just stop the thoughts that terrorize you daily (thoughts of inadequacies, fears, incompetencies, it’s endless really) and listen for that quiet space of stillness.


In that great expanse of still peace is utter awareness; all YOUR answers are there; everything you need (and want BTW).

Do that, and you’re doing the job you’re supposed too. Every one of us has a different job to do and it’s up to each of us to figure that out.

Peace out,

P.S. Know someone who might benefit from following themselves? Please share this because the more friends we have honing in on their own special brand of beautiful the better life is for all of us. :0)


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