April 13, 2017

Meditation: Awareness is Not for the Ambitious (it’s for us lazy folk)

Occasionally my BFF and I discuss “peoples” work ethic vs lazy tendencies. Her view is that most of us are lazy. Occasionally concerned she might be referring to me I usually defend the notion. It should be noted she is dedicated and hard-working and also noted, generally speaking, I am not. In cultivating awareness working does not work but laziness does. Working at expanding awareness is like working at getting a good dream, you can’t think about it or plan on it. Those things don’t work in fact it seems […]
April 18, 2019
Three white beach pebbles balanced by graduated size on a brown sandy beach with a blue ocean in the background

Micro meditation equals fast results

How soon will I see results? The short answer is immediately. In one breath. The first time. The explanation is but, not in the way you’d expect. Here’s an example you might relate too. You know when you do a good deed and the old simile goes, “when you do a good deed you’re repaid in kind”? It doesn’t mean the person you did a good deed for is going to repay you. It means other good things will now come your way—in time. The effect of which, begins to […]