One Hat, Two Hat, Red Hat…

Just in case you’re skimming content and you’re not sure which end is up here’s a quick breakdown:

Mystical Engineer:

I’m a technical writing myth buster debunking popular metaphysical beliefs with my own thruthies through essays and lectures. I also talk about the distinction between awareness and consciousness; and why it matters to know the difference.

Sacred Crafter:

I’m an interior designer (I.D.) whose love of vintage and recycled textiles has lead to the creation of storied dolls; amongst other things. I allow what needs to be created to come through me and provide its own narrative. The letters behind my name (I.D.) should really stand for Interior Dramatist (for which I’m infinitely better suited).

Rough Luxe Décor:

The Shop! Whether handmade, hunted, created, collected or curated you’ll find engaging, antique and delightful wonders to feather your own nest with. Yah!

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