Eat Pray Love (part one)

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May 6, 2019
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May 29, 2019

Eat Pray Love (part one)

When I was growing up eating fast was not an issue. I almost always hated anything my mother cooked and was always the last one to leave the table. Not so with my youngest who for instance, can shovel vast quantities of food into her gullet in a single swollen (but inevitability chokes on a pill). While it’s old advice to eat slow I’m going to tell you to slow down for a whole new reason and it’s about the compassionate relationship that all energy has with itself—which includes you—and is definitely something we can learn more about.  

Besides the obvious physical benefits (chewing as the first step in the digestive process), better digestion and absorption, hydration and weight loss, there’s something else happening that’s more important than any of the above.

When you eat slowly, which means taking time in between bites, you’re actually giving the food you’re about to eat time to alter its vibrational pattern to biologically align with your body’s specific needs.

Yup, you heard it right. This is the physics and chemistry of food and you.

Your food adjusts itself to you and your unique nutritional needs which means whatever the nutritional (enzymes, vitamins and minerals) properties of each food item is, given time, will alter and adjust its biochemistry to specifically boost its own chemistry to balance yours.

The food you’re about to consume will specifically address the deficiencies in your body, whether you realize it or not. In other words when you eat live food you’re immediately in a compassionate relationship of feeding yourself andallowing your food to sustain and support you. That’s compassion.

An Example

Potatoes when growing can draw some of the highest concentrations of macro and trace minerals from the earth, they’re high in potassium and rich in vitamin B. But let’s say you’re struggling with your weight, inflammation or a sluggish liver. Then the potatoes in front of you will reorder itself to boost the amino acid Lysine, which is a powerful weapon against cancer, liver disease, inflammation and the virus Epstein Barr. You’ll still get all the good the potatoe has to offer, but not in the same combination as anyone else eating the same batch of cooked potatoes.

The food in front of you will rearrange itself biochemically, suppressing some minerals, vitamins or amino acids in order to boost its other assets to specifically balance your needs—given the time to do it.

This is the truth for everything around you wants to support you and given time everything will. That’s a fact.

The question is: will you allow it?

The next time you eat, take a breath, do a micro-meditation and eat slowly allowing the life around you to support you too.

Later, and if this topic is of interest to you I’ll skim over the rudiments of bringing awareness to your conscious eating habits and how that can curb food addictions, freeing you from cravings, weight gain and obesity.

Have a great day and s…l…o…w your eating down. :0)

I appreciate you much, w

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