Finding your inner genius

Yes, but I don’t have an inner genius
May 6, 2019
Your inner genius has a shadow side
May 6, 2019

Finding your inner genius

Think of a subject that has always fascinated you. You may have done nothing about it to-date. You may have been involved in something connected to it in the past. Don’t worry too much about the exact thing because all inner genius energy works from a wheel-n-spoke perspective.

What a wheel-n-spoke perspective is, is that there are many differing subjects or areas that all connect you to the core or center of who you are, which is where your inner genius lives. Take any one of these paths and any will lead you to the same place. Your core inner genius.

Still not sure?

Beside all the amazing benefits of meditation, I use micro-meditation because whenever you still your thoughts, even for a nanosecond, the peace of your core self comes through immediately. This is also a direct route to your inner genius, make no mistake.

Already an avid doer of something-or-other? Whatever it is can also be a path to yourself especially if you find it immersive. Does time stand still when you’re doing what you love? Do you stop hearing outside noise, forget to drink your coffee, or pick up your kids? (okay, that last one might only be me). But my point is, you’re fully immersed. Guess what, that’s a tell. You might be doing something already specifically chosen to be your path inward leading you to your inner genius. When immersed your conscious thoughts are suspending themselves (how’s that for easy) and that leads directly to your core self.  Peace and power in a neat little package. If that’s not genius I don’t know what is.

Hmmm, can’t think of an immersive activity either? Okay let’s take a look at this…

Look instead for the shadow aspect of your inner genius. Looking for the shadow aspect can be another kind of tell because how you feel about the shadow aspect will give that flip side of your inner genius away. Sometimes when we’re completely unaware that our inner genius has been trying to get through to us, for years (okay, decades) it can turn some of the associated feelings bitter!

Not me of course, but everyone else. :0)

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