I See Dead People

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June 19, 2019
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July 3, 2019

I See Dead People

Mortuary Statue of angel and rabbit hugging

Remember that movie with Bruce Willis and Haley something-or-other, called The Sixth Sense? Beside the fact there were a few egregious untruths, my sis Brenda and I loved it. Flash forward 18 years and I’d like to think it’s common knowledge (now) that our loved ones don’t go anywhere when they die; instead they go everywhere with you.

It’s not just our loved ones connected to us all the time. We’re all connected to everything all the time. We just don’t know it. While you might not be able to hear, see or sense them, I can; and the only difference between you and me is awareness.  

Just because you might not be aware doesn’t mean they aren’t connected to you and available. Stilling your thoughts is the key to accelerated awareness and you hearing, seeing and sensing them too—if you want too.

Don’t fear turning into Haley because that was just one of those Hollywood fakery “truths”. It is NEVER scary, no one is sensed/seen in their last horrific moments and NOTHING is ever forced on you (again like the poor tortured fictional character Haley). Those parts were pure BS.

Pivotal Note: Force belongs, and ONLY exists in the realm of consciousness which is why it’s felt and portrayed here. In the realm of awareness there is no such thing as force. Only raw elemental power, which is all you.

Sensing “Dead” People

First of all there’s no such thing as dead people—we don’t die—the organism or body wears out for sure, but we don’t and we’re what’s animating the organism. To tune into yourself, which is another way of saying to expand your awareness, all you need is consistent practice. Sounds easy right? But if it were we’d all be in tune with ourselves, and our inner genius. For some, their inner genius is sensing “dead people”, what some might call mediumship, but that might not be a thing for you so whatever your thing is the answer is still the same: consistent practice.

Consistent practice is much easier when you’re motivated towards “the thing” that interests you. And that’s the thing that excites you, and catches your interest time and again. It really doesn’t matter what it is, and it could be something that you might like is kinda odd. But trust it, and trust yourself because that (maybe) odd thing might not actually be it, but it might be the thing that leads you there.

Consistent practice is the stilling of your thoughts and you get to decide how you like to do that best. So whatever method you choose, micro-meditation, thought-suspension through repetitive action, or immersive activities just do it as often as you can and keep going. You’ll see results quickly if you refuse to allow your mind to run you. You are in charge, not your automatic-pilot-run-thoughts.

We’re never alone and if you feel that way, the very thing you could be lonely for is yourself. Watch your emotional landscape and pay attention for pairing emotions. When two emotions always appear together–no matter what. For instance, loneliness and sadness is a good example. Or depression and sadness. Typically these kinds of emotional pairings are organism related. Meaning it’s actually your body communicating with you; anatomical systems always present in pairs. Okay, back to dead people.

Here’s a few tips:

  • We’re never alone (like ever—but not in a creepy way)
  • Be aware of how information from awareness does come to you
  • Do you get signs, quiet advice that suddenly appears in your mind, visions; do you sometimes start humming a line from a song (pay attention to the words); symbols or found objects
  • think of your loved one first; then still your mind
  • Talk to you loved one; then watch for the communication that comes back–through you’re preferred channels
  • Do creative or fun things that don’t require conscious thought
  • Do anything that can suspend your thoughts like micro-meditation, immersive activities; staring at a pretty object

Last Tip: Your deceased loved ones will ALWAYS present as healthy, happy, kind and compassionate. It is impossible to present in any other way. Believe it.


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