Intuition is like a vagina (unique to each of us)

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May 29, 2019
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Intuition is like a vagina (unique to each of us)

Understand intuition understand yourself

Intuition as most understand it is having the ability to make correct assumptions with insufficient intellectual data. It’s a direct perception independent of any rational or linear reasoning or evidentiary proof.

And it’s always correct. Yup, you heard right.

We just don’t always interpret it correctly.

And this is why:

  • We trust it (but then decide not too)
  • We trust it (but don’t act and lament it later)
  • We have our issues or mythically beliefs (about it)
  • We can’t prove it (at the time)
  • When it proves correct, we say (I KNEW IT!)

It can be an unwelcome realization when we’re in denial about our life. In fact intuition can be a frequent source of pain to us—when we don’t want to know who we are, or the truth about, well, anything.

The Problem with Rationalizations

Problems can arise when we begin filtering our intuition through our rational minds.

When that happens, we don’t always interpret intuition correctly and like I said, we don’t always want the truth as much as we might think. We pretend intuition isn’t right or can’t be trusted, when it’s really our inability to trust ourselves. Because intuition and us are one and the same.

The Truth Comes Anyway

Sometimes the truth, like our intuition, comes unbidden.

Having intuition, using intuition, is a natural state of being and comes from awareness. When we understand this fact we’ll realize its presence is meant to bring us into alignment; when we’ve fallen out of balance.

In fact that’s all intuition is really, the ability to use insightful awareness to bring us into balance toward fostering peace; instead of the chaos of consciousness.

Intuition is a Part to of our Nature

Although I defined what intuition is some people remain confused because intuition is perceived in each of us a little differently. Many factors impact our ability to receive and decode our own intuition with any degree of accuracy.

Each of us perceives it a little differently dependent upon many factors:

  • Our culture
  • Family of origin beliefs
  • Acquired beliefs
  • What others might think
  • Emotional fears
  • Ability to think

When Naomi Wolf wrote, Vagina, she cited scientific proof that every single vagina was wired to every female brain uniquely, which is to say every vagina works differently in every single woman (well, that explains a lot).  

Surprisingly (to some) but true none-the-less—no two vaginas are alike.

And it’s the same with intuition.

No two people perceive their intuitive intelligence in the same way. No two people interpret intuitive intelligence the same either.

Our intuitive “hits” are as unique as we are (and whether you have a vagina or not).

Want more articles on intuition? Just say the word.

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