Intuition: Psychic Abilities or (plain old) Awareness?

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Intuition: Psychic Abilities or (plain old) Awareness?

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Intuition is only the beginning of expanding awareness

When someone suggests we’re intuitive, or “have intuition” it’s flattering to think we might have special mind powers–for the moment anyway.

But really, all we’re doing in that one flattered moment is comparing our intellect with our perception of what we think might be magical thinking (with maybe some insightful luck thrown in).

Intuition, which is really just a slightly expanded sense of awareness, is perfectly natural and every single living thing has “it”. 

The real myth is thinking intuition is a part of the intellect at all. Intuition is real and it’s only the rudimentary beginning of an understanding that expands from awareness—a place of stillness–and that has nothing to do with consciousness or the intellect. That is pure awareness.

To compare anything is to solidify a belief in the imaginary concept of winners and losers.

To compare intuition to intellect is to believe that anything that isn’t of the intellect isn’t real and therefore must come up the “loser”. To believe this is to also believe that a part of you is a loser. So we tend to disown the very part of ourselves that’s aware.

To disown even this logic then, is to magically believe that a part of you is any less than another.

Intuitively you know this to be true.


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