Master or Slave: Which are you?

Eat Pray Love (part one)
May 22, 2019
Intuition is like a vagina (unique to each of us)
June 5, 2019

Master or Slave: Which are you?

An essential step in Awareness Training is understanding awareness and consciousness are separate states of being seamlessly blended. Awareness is hardly noticed from its introverted nature and when it whispers guidance is typically ignored or discounted. We as a people have very little faith; in anything except the consciousness we’ve created, false though it is.  

Eat Pray Love was not a nutrition-based article but one designed to draw your attention to the relationship your food can have with you when awareness and time are used together for your ultimate benefit.

Note: If you’re looking for the ultimate nutrition-based information you’ll want to read everything Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, has written. Or listen to him on Soundcloud.

The more you practice stillness through micro-meditation (purposefully suspending your thoughts), the more aware you become of…everything. Energy, compassion, peace, joy, forgiveness. You name it and you’ve got access. Then you’ll remember it’s all you anyway :0)

By writing the articles that I do I’m giving you examples of different ways to recognize awareness and how to begin detaching yourself from the belief that you are your thoughts or consciousness. You are not and instead you control your consciousness from the awareness that you are. This basic premise can be very difficult to grasp.

The state of consciousness only lives, exists, in one place and that’s the physical world because it only inhabits the human organism. Awareness, the other half of what we are, exists everywhere at once and outside of time. Awareness, unlike consciousness, is a part of all living energy everywhere forever.

This is the largest reason almost all people are confused about consciousness. Because awareness is the perfect seamless confluence of the two together; that you don’t realize awareness is the driver of. Awareness is the alpha and consciousness is the omega. One the master the other the slave.  

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