Micro meditation equals fast results

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April 5, 2019
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Micro meditation equals fast results

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The Peace of Balance

How soon will I see results?

The short answer is immediately. In one breath. The first time.

The explanation is but, not in the way you’d expect. Here’s an example you might relate too. You know when you do a good deed and the old simile goes, “when you do a good deed you’re repaid in kind”? It doesn’t mean the person you did a good deed for is going to repay you. It means other good things will now come your way—in time. The effect of which, begins to work on you immediately.

Still using the good deed example, if you walk away from doing that good deed and expect to be handed a $10 bill from the next person you meet, you’ll be disappointed. Meaning, don’t expect a BIG OBVIOUS SIGN.

If you’re paying attention though, you will notice. Remember what you’re dealing with here; subtle energy, and subtle is the way you’ll begin to feel better immediately. It’s exactly the same for how you’ll experience the immediate results of micro meditation.

Infinite patience produces

immediate results.

What does that quote mean? It means when we release our expectations of the imaged possibilities, of how a re-gift might look, we’re then able to notice the, very real and immediate effect of your generosity. In truth your vibration changes immediately. When you meditate your vibration increases, and you might notice you feel lighter (which you are). Heavier emotions don’t cling to you as well, enabling the higher vibration of “happier” emotions to be felt more readily.

I hope that answers your question regarding meditating. If you have others don’t hesitate to ask by email or leave me a comment. :0)

Peace out brother,


PS>Over a small period of time, the subtle incremental increases in vibrational energy that has been uplifting you—from inception of micro meditation—join together until the presence of peace becomes obvious, even to the most numb amongst us. (which used to be me).

PPS>Immediate peace can be yours, if you allow it, but if you’re unable, then you must use your patience–until you have mastered that as well.

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