Mystical Engineer

As a writer and artist, I see myself as part mystical engineer and part sacred crafter .

My home is here in Ottawa, and as mystical engineer I teach the differences between awareness, the organism (your body) and consciousness, and why it’s vital to know the difference. Also in Ottawa I teach micro-meditation; self-compassion, and dream analysis (interpretation). I remind you of the essential tools you already possess and teach you how to use them to eradicate pain, depression, grief, hopelessness and loneliness.

I advocate that you follow no one but yourself. No one else knows what you need, and likely you don’t either, but you will if you use the tools you already possess to find out.

From an almost pre-verbal age I knew who I was, and remembered the “life” we all have when in nonphysical form; and I’m done pretending otherwise. Ignoring the truth about anything is painful, perhaps more so, when it’s about yourself. I know because I did it for (almost) my entire life. Eventually, I learned you can’t become who you already are. All you can do is accept it, or continue to turn away from yourself.

In physical form we all have free will choice, not so in nonphysical form—there we are governed by a cooperative power called compassion, and even though there is a sense of individuation, we function in wholeness as one. If asked, there’s not a thing in the universe we’d ever say no to. We exist in peace, harmonized and vibrationally in-tune with everything that is, or ever was.

So, how did I get this way? Maybe I came in like this, or maybe it was the poverty, violence, alcoholism and uneducated family I came from that allowed awareness, as a survival tool, to save my life—more than once.

Here’s my family of origin story. :0) click on the title.

I Was a Trained Baby Killer