White Girl Rag Doll
December 7, 2017
Black Girl Rag Doll
December 7, 2017

Brown Boy Rag Doll


Handmade Cloth Doll

This boy knows how to dress and he’s not afraid of colour. His soft hair is worn close to his head. His slacks are embroidered beige linen with a drawstring waist (crisply ironed I might add); a soft purple linen shirt with a fully-lined golden yellow velour buttoned vest. His cravat is a wonderful kaleidoscope of colour held in place by an antique gold and black onyx pin (I couldn’t say no when he asked me for it—and it does look divine on him, doesn’t it?). His cream-coloured jacket is cashmere wool. He’s very kind and fashionable and oh-so cuddly soft.


Doll Clothes: Made from recycled antique or vintage textiles and trims from natural fibres of cotton, linen, silk and wool. Undies or knicker included if wearing a dress.

Note: Given the nature of handmade cloth dolls please allow for small variations in appearance.

Caution: The articulated arms are attached at the shoulder sewn with antique mother-of-pearl buttons and therefore may not be suitable for for very young children.

Ordering and Cancellation: My handmade cloth dolls are made to order; please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Cancellations must be made with 24 hours of original order.

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