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December 7, 2017
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January 30, 2018

Leather Journal Necklace (mini book)


A mini leather book pendant necklace embellished with antique charms.

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The leather journal mini book represents our own “little” story; that inner narrative we all carry with us. What’s your story about? Jot down a few little gems in your leather journal mini book and who knows, it just might change the bigger story you live on the outside.

Mauve leather mini book with printed modern marbled papers for both the inside and front and back covers. Interior pages lightly dyed tipped in matching mauve. Sterling heart charms and silver key with purple crystals. 20″ chain included.

Each miniature one-of-a-kind leather book was created as a pendent and can be worn different ways: as a necklace; on a keychain or a dangle for from your purse or gym bag. Embellished with vintage and antique charms; tiny religious medals, gold or bronze jewelry pieces.

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Book Size: (varies) 1 x 1.6”

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