Leather Journal Necklace (Mini Book)
February 1, 2018
Deer Head Mini Book Pendant Necklace
Leather Journal (Mini Book) Necklace
February 1, 2018

Leather Journal Necklace (Mini Book)


The mini book represents our own little story; that tiny inner narrative we carry with us. What’s your story? Jot down a few gems in your new/old miniature book and who knows? It just might change the bigger story you live on the outside.

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The leather journal mini book represents our own “little” story; that inner narrative we all carry within us. What’s your story about? Jot down a few little gems in your leather journal mini book and who knows, it just might change the bigger story you live on the outside.


A really interesting pinkish, mauve, gold fine leather that’s hard to appreciate in photograph (especially when I’m taking the picture!) but a lovely little mini book pendant none-the-less. Torn map pages with similar-coloured papyrus signatures. Fold over leather flap and antique mother-of-pearl button closure. A etched pink tin heart, matt pink beaded bookmark and silver key embellish this little beauty.  Antique bronze coloured 20″ chain included.


Note: Each leather journal mini book was created as a pendent and can be worn as a necklace; on a key chain or a dangle from your purse or gym bag. Embellished with vintage and antique charms; tiny religious medals, gold or bronze jewelry pieces.

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Book Size: (varies) 1″ x 1 1/4”

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