Recall Dreams Quickly with Consistency

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June 5, 2019
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June 19, 2019

Recall Dreams Quickly with Consistency

The Quickest Way

The quickest way to recall your dreams are by talking about them or writing them down daily. If you’re experienced with recalling your dreams then document only as required (meaning you can easily recognize a portentous one).  

The easiest way to recall dreams consistently is to have quiet when you wake up. Not be bothered first thing in the morning with noise or distractions like music, TV, kids or animals. But if you’re like almost every adult on the planet that might not be possible let alone realistic.

My Story

I was lucky. Early on in childhood every single morning without fail, my mother would sit across from me at the kitchen table (after serving me toast which I hated) and asked what I’d dreamed. I could always recall everything.

Over time I was able to recount four or five dreams a night. Sometimes I didn’t have time to tell her everything.  My mother never ceased to be interested but never offered her opinions either. In the early years I don’t think it occurred to either of us that there was any meaning.

This was our morning ritual, her in her housecoat with tea and cigarettes, me forcing back my shitty toast, telling dreams.

Now and again, we’d marvel at the hilarity of some of the situations I’d find my dreamself in, and even years after I’d moved out, I’d occasionally telephone her to tell her I met a movie star or if I’d had a murder dream. Mum claimed not to dream or if she did she never remembered.

Mom didn’t like the bad ones and I’d learned to avoid telling her those lest she suggest I seek professional help (like she did when I was in the sixth and ninth grades, and every year after if I mentioned too many).  Mom thought nightmares were a sign poor mental health. Apparently, she never had one, for which I thought she should seek professional help. She was not amused.

Consistency Counts

The point here is, the more you consistently practice recalling your dreams by either talking about them, or writing them down the quicker you’ll be able to decode your own unique dream symbols. There is a specific method I use and teach for what to include when documenting and what to leave out, but for now the most important thing is consistent recall. Choose a method that’s easiest for you and start.

Once you learn to decode your own dreams, you’ll see pretty quick just how lame those dream dictionaries are. You’re the only dream dictionary you’ll every need.

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