Ouija, Tarot, and Pendulums are Focusing Tools (and nothing to be afraid of)

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Ouija, Tarot, and Pendulums are Focusing Tools (and nothing to be afraid of)

Tarot cards

Tools of the Trade

Divination tools, like Tarot, are unimportant in and of themselves and are simply “tools of the trade” when used for readings. Tarot, dowsing rods, pendulums, crystals or any other divination tool you can name is the same. Tools are focusing devices and can act as prompts, or visual cues, when stilling your thoughts to access the peaceful knowing that comes from awareness.

Other than that, divination tools are no different than any other object used for focusing an intention before letting the mind still.

When I need my mind still I draw a deep breath and I do this automatically. Before any activity where I seek clarity I always start with my breath to create a peaceful empty stillness. It’s in the stillness that knowing comes.

Ottawa Shops for Focusing Tools

  • Singing Pebble Books
  • The Crystal Dawn

Tarot, Pendulums and Psychic Readings

When I carve something (which is usually hearts or dolls) no one says to me “those chisels did a fantastic job” because they have the sense to know it was me using tools to obtain a result. The tools are only a means to an end. So whether I’m using tarot cards or pendulums or giving a psychic reading what I’m really doing is accessing the knowing that stilling my thoughts produce.

In the case of carving I can acknowledge that some tools are definitely better than others, or simply your favourite, whether they’re the “best” or not. For instance I have a preferred wooden spoon to stir sauces on the stove; my spot on the sofa (that I make the kids vacate); favourite paint brushes I prefer to use for everything.

Funny Story: One night painting a large ornate antique mirror with my favourite small paint brush (probably about an 1″ wide) my (ex) husband said to me, I think you should use a smaller brush. Hmmm? I said, why? To which he replied, so it can take you even longer.

He knew it was inefficient (maybe even crazy) to paint a large anything with a tiny paint brush, but I find painting immersive and entering stillness through painting is one way I find peace. However, we both had a good laugh.

Writers have all kinds of favs as well. Some have to sit in the same place or they can’t write. We use devices, ritual and routine as comforting tools to quell anxiety and to engage with the stillness of peace. The point is tools can be physical or imaginary and regardless of the “what and how” it’s still you behind them so don’t be dazzled, frightened or swayed by any of them.

They are, in the end, only the perceived means to that end.

Unlike the tools actually needed to create some things (like wooden or cloth dolls), you don’t actually need tools of any kind to access information from awareness. We are all aware; some of us more than others but awareness grows for anyone if allowed. Each of us will have our own unique area of strength and it’s up to us to acknowledge that and cultivate it.

This is the path of becoming aware of who you really are.


How do we choose the tools we’re most comfortable with?

Sometimes we come across tools that feel just right and like Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears you might try a couple of things before finding the fit that’s just right for you.

In my case it’s tarot cards, but I also, from time to time collect antique dowsing pendulums and I do own that ol’ spooky childhood fav the Ouija board (which a girlfriend bought, and left behind, when staying with me) but other than at teenage parties or props in horror flicks, I don’t know anyone who uses them. :0)

Getting the tools and you mixed up is as common a misconception as the idea that you are your thoughts (which of course, you’re not).

You and I are the pure energy of awareness. Translating the information from awareness into consciousness is another matter.

This is usually where you’ll hear references to intuition like “my intuition is telling me…” or “maybe that was my intuition…”.

That’s what I call living through the cracks of life. Why wait for a triggered intuitive hit when you could command your energy instead?

If you want to try using a focusing tool to “kick start” access to awareness try whatever attracts your attention. As far as accuracy goes the tool doesn’t matter. What does matter is your attraction to the tool and your comfort level with it.

Here’s a few of the typical suspects in no particular order:

  • Dowsing
  • Pendulum
  • Ouija board (kids)
  • Mirrors, windows, water (as in scrying)
  • Tarot or any other cards
  • Dreams
  • Runes, other symbol pieces
  • Stones
  • (plain old) psychic readings

I’m dying to say crystal ball but really, did anyone ever use these other than in spiritualist print and film propaganda, or in The Wizard of Oz?



An Astrology Chart

Fear of Divination Tools: Tarot, Pendulum or Dowsing

From a rational point of view I think anyone who gives this even a bit of thought can see that any tool is only a means to an end (and limited at that). But fears are seldom rational.

Fears surrounding divination tools can be from 1) a lack of correct information or, 2) being told incorrect information and believing it. The latter being rooted in fear-based beliefs that are still incorrect!

Whether it’s this or some other source of fear, at some point in your life, you’ll likely have to investigate why you may want, or need to be afraid of something; because if you didn’t want or need the fear, then why haven’t you resolved it?  Sometimes being afraid serves a very good purpose but it’s up to each of us to understand what that is.

Everything is always up to us but if we’re even a little bit interested in living a larger life then our wonderfully ordinary lives will get very interesting.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Divination tools are just that—tools
  • Tools are only a means to an end
  • There’s nothing to be afraid of
  • No one tool is “better” than another

And like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, you too will discover you’ve always had the power (with or without the focusing tool of those ruby slippers).


P.S. Know anyone who’s scared of divination tools?  Share this article and help stop the spread of fear. :0)

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