The Consequences of Choice

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January 9, 2019
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April 18, 2019

The Consequences of Choice

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What do you use; power or force?

Differentiating Between Power and Force

Some choices awaken power; others suppress it.

When power is suppressed it leaves behind a trace element (an energetic footprint), similar to a digital footprint.

After a choice has been made, where a suppression of power is the result, we’ll often sense the trace element where the capacity to embody power once existed. Sensing the trace element of the recessed energy (known as power) can arouse strong feelings; especially if the choice was a difficult one. Feelings of loss, hopelessness, rage or anger, separation and grief, can often result. Mistakenly, we may even consider making other decisions as a result of those feelings, which in turn can create more pain.

Because there is a deficit of power, and sensing this we feel badly, we’ll seek to rid ourselves of pain. But in order to act, in the absence of power, we must use some other energy; we will therefore attempt to copy the energetic footprint, but all we come up with is a powerless replica called force. Force is the shadow expression of power, and is almost always harmful to wield for both the applicant and the recipient. As a result more painful feelings ensue.

There are comfortable solutions to avoid harming oneself and others. Simple solutions like reading this article which expands your understanding, and therefore awareness. Being aware of your feelings (painful or otherwise), and our natural human desire to rid ourselves of pain, is precisely where we’ll seek to use the energy called force in childlike attempts, to “give our pain” away. Sometimes attempts of this nature are called using blame (just another useless tool meant to harm). Other times a stronger case must be made to justify larger demonstrations of force. Stories of this nature are no more real, or true, simply because the display is louder or larger.

Awareness, on the other hand, enables you to embrace all your feelings, thus recalling the very power that previously receded. Then you are power embodied, which means there is no damaging tool to wield (force) because power radiates from within and is not a harmful tool that requires application of any kind.  

The energy that is, embodied radiated power, will infiltrate the energy fields surrounding other humans, thus empowering and uplifting them as well. That’s one way to tell the difference between power and force.

If you perceive that you have been harmed by power before, then I urge you to look at the situation again. From this energetic perspective are you able to detect the ability of the applicant to apply the tool called (brute) force. I say brute because it’s a very common and human occurrence to be conscious of harmful behaviours, without the awareness of why they’re engaging thus. Another way to remedy a potentially painful situation where you sense a recession of power, (that trace element of where it used to be) is to make a new choice; a new choice that will serve you, and your higher purpose, while simultaneously empowering those around you (with no loss to you). Choosing again causes the power that once receded to again expand into your physical being.

Note: since you are the original source of that power, unlike penetrating power from others; that realized power stays with you permanently expanding your ability to take on more.  

There are many ways to feel better; about your feelings and beliefs or yourself and others, and even your illusionary projections. All of them include expanding your awareness by accepting the truth of your emotions and what motivates your thoughts. For instance, there is no such thing as positive or negative emotions. Definitions of these sorts are childlike and not useful for they simply lack any comprehensive understanding, which includes awareness and consciousness working together in balance.

Peace is with you my friend; until next time.


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