The Holy Trinity

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I See Dead People
June 26, 2019

The Holy Trinity

Awareness, the organism (our body), and consciousness are the three parts we’re made of. Awareness is the alpha and the omega, the constant energy source we started as (for the most part abdicate in physical form); the organism we temporarily inhabit, and the thought-driven consciousness that belongs with the organism in physical form and dies with the body. We do not “return” to awareness when we die, for we cannot return to something we never left.

The Holy Trinity of Us

  1. Awareness
  2. The Organism
  3. Consciousness

Three distinct energetic functions forming one construct, together as a whole, is what you are. You are awareness in a body with a consciousness. This may sound like a complex theory where three single elements create the human being but I assure this is how we’re constructed. Composed, organized and engineered in sacred geometry.

As humans we are the shape and beautifully perfected arrangement of parts that make us whole. Inseparable, complete and independent. A conundrum for some.

But tune into yourself. Still the thought-created universe that is your present-day mind and you will see for yourself. Distinct separate whole perfection.

Can you use your awareness to tune into your body (the organism) and understand what your organism needs using your thoughts as the tools they really are? In the employ of your awareness? Can you apprehend the communication and translate it into thoughts for accurate understanding?

Ask Yourself

If you direct your attention to the possible needs of the organism (your body) then still your mind in micro-meditation you’ll begin to learn how to listen to yourself.

You might have noticed how a child may repeat the same sentence or communicate the same sentiment over and over. You assume you don’t understand which would explain the repetition; so you listen more carefully, think about it later, revisit it again and eventually collect their meaning it. The child hasn’t the vocabulary to be concise, similarly the organism can only use the emotional system to communicate. Be curious, be soft go and gently with self-compassion and you will figure it out, you will understand what your needs are—communicated through awareness using words as the tools they are.

Release Your Expectations

You do not need hours and hours of meditation to know yourself. You small awareness moments that where you don’t deny the truth of anything which includes yourself. You need self-compassion and something some call tolerance but is really respect. You must respect yourself enough to listen with the tenderness and caring you’d afford a precious loved one.

Do this. Tune into yourself with micro-meditation. Put your compassion attention upon yourself and suspend your thoughts. Now tell me…what do you now understand?

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