The shadow IG can cause pain

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May 6, 2019
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May 22, 2019

The shadow IG can cause pain

Yeah, that can happen but don’t let pain avoidance block acceptance of your inner genius (IG). Suppression of feelings is what causes pain so if we suppressed our inner genius in childhood, or later, allowing it to resurface is going to hurt. It resurrects feelings around rejection, shame, hurt, or anything else that surrounded those feelings at the time.

Just for the record, you’re not bad; neither is your genius. You’re not wrong, and neither is your genius. You’re not sacrilegious and neither is your genius. You’re not stupid and your inner genius is anything but. Denying any part of yourself is a misstep, that at the time, you surely thought was safest to do.

Life is different now, so if finding and/or resurrecting your genius is causing you pain, and blocking your ability to locate your inner genius, know that doing this now is the greatest gift you could give yourself. This act of self-compassion is like taking a giant step forward toward happiness, health and healing.

You deserve to be whole, don’t you?

The good news is, when you acknowledge pain, face it squarely and allow the feelings to resurface, pain will release you. The pain is only a natural reaction to rejecting a part of yourself. Of course, that would hurt but it doesn’t have to hurt anymore. Suppressed pain produces a particular energetic pattern that changes and dissipates immediately upon acceptance. Even faster when you speak your pain aloud.

Be aware of how you’re feeling when you’re looking, and know that you and all your parts are perfect just the way they are because as Lady Gaga would say, baby you were born that way  and you can’t get any more perfect than that. :0)

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