Wanda Bowring

I’m one of those people who’ve had too many jobs to mention, but the two that are me the most, are the designer and the writer.

I graduated from a three-year Interior Design program at Fanshawe College in 1990, then worked for two of the largest furniture stores in Ottawa. Got married and after about 10 years gave birth to a son.

In 1996 I created and launched an award-winning magazine and website called Energy Medicine. The Ottawa publication focused on complementary, and mind-body medicine, an interest of mine since since childhood, when introduced by my oldest sister Gail Storfer.

Between 2000-2002 I suffered a series of unbearable losses and sunk into a depression; lost the magazine, and began a downward spiral into addiction.

Around 2004 I returned to interior design (the easiest thing to do) and stayed until I became pregnant at 45, with my daughter. By 2010 I enrolled at Ottawa’s Algonquin College to obtain certification in Technical Writing, which polished my journalistic writing style. Like interior design and the magazine, technical writing was a natural fit allowing me to see a structure to my own life, that previously I’d been lacking.

By 2014 single and raising my two forever children I finally got the lesson of how to love unreservedly, without hope, expectation or hurt.

It’s 2017. Who am I now? Well, I’ve always said, you can’t become what you already are–you have to own it instead, which is: a mystic, an artist, a prostitute, a writer, a mother, an addict, a child, a saboteur, a victim, a hermit, a beggar and a visionary.

Ownership is facing, and trusting yourself completely (which is a little harder than it sounds) and, while we’ll each fracture our realities in our own unique way, be it winsomely creative, or creatively destructive, how we do that is entirely up to us.

But whatever you choose, it better be real.

I’m a kind of sacred craftivist; a teller of truth and metaphor. A maker of dolls that tell stories of their own. As mystical engineer I teach micro-meditation, self-compassion, dream analysis, and what it means to be human from an energetic point of view (think physics and chemistry).

How does my vision fracture reality? I show you ways to expand your own awareness and remind you that the best person to follow is yourself. And the real job while in human form is compassionate cooperation.

Peace out,