What is a Mystical Engineer?

It’s a name I made up for myself around 2008. The label while entertaining also fit me. I searched Godaddy for it and no one else was using it but I couldn’t act; it’s one thing to admit who you are to yourself, quite another to declare it. Everyone has an inner genius, this is mine; and for a long time I couldn’t admit it.


A Mystical Engineer is a person who has gained direct intelligence (through expanded awareness) transcending learned and academic precepts.  I often call this insight intelligence. Instant access to intelligence can only come from awareness and has nothing to do with the conscious mind, which is the process of learned knowledge only. Learning (which is not intelligence) belongs to the conscious mind and does not exist outside of time. The Mystical Engineer (the inner genius in me) then uses my conscious mind, which are thoughts, to build intellectual constructs to communicate these insights.

And that’s it.

The intelligence that represents my particular inner genius is almost always grounded in physics, and while every single one of us unequivocally has their own inner genius, we’ll each reflect it in ways that are as unique as we ourselves are. This is to be expected. We cannot follow in another’s footsteps. To do so is to delay our own inevitable growth.

Inner genius, although unique to all, will exhibit the same common layers of becoming, and the same process of unfoldment, if not the same result. For instance you likely know what yours is already. Therefore the act of becoming consciously aware would be an admission of that knowing. Later still, when you’re ready, acting upon that admission is the next unfoldment; however how that unfoldment manifests will be unique to you only.

I found allowing that which we’re aware of to penetrate our consciousness, to be an unmistakable process of unfoldment that was same for us all; a sequence of identical steps, producing unique results for each. And all for very good reasons too. :0)