You have an inner genius

a drawing of the left and right hemisphere of the human brain. One side is coloured the other mathematical equations
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May 1, 2019
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May 6, 2019

You have an inner genius

Here is what your inner genius, super power or nerdom is going to turn into.

An exceptional ability; a creative and/or intellectual knowing. A wisdom that is completely natural and uniquely inherently you. You secretly suspect or know this about yourself already and it has nothing to do with your IQ; or EQ for that matter.

You were born knowing this about yourself and it’s one of the most beautiful things about you. This inner genius goes hand-in-hand with your creative power and together it’s your mastermind. The information you possess, the knowledge you are about to align with, and share with the world is absolutely clever, deep and true. You badly need it and the rest of us want it badly; like, NOW.

It can and will be in any subject, great or stupidly small, (the universe has a ridiculous sense of humour) and if you’re unfamiliar with yourself (inner genius or artistic self) you are NOT to minimize or devalue whatever it is that suggests itself to you. Even if you genuinely don’t believe that studying the pooping habits of goldfish is your super power. I suggest to you, to follow that tiny poopy thread nonetheless, because in the pursuit you WILL come across your super power a.k.a. your inner genius.

NOTE: Your inner genius IS a subject or something you’re already aware of and/or are familiar with. You may have temporarily forgotten; don’t think it relevant or, are so familiar with it that you’ve over looked it. But I guarantee you, it’s there and full access doesn’t runs out. Again, your inner genius has nothing to do with your IQ.

And I’ll tell you something else, it doesn’t always expand in the way you think it would either, so don’t disqualify things based on their outward appearance.

Here’s my example: without going into too much detail I was shown clearly that I was a writer. At the time I was an interior designer, and couldn’t write worth shit. It appeared ludicrous to me, because to this day, I can’t type and still can’t spell and have no notion of grammar.  I’m serious. So what sort of goofy thing was that to show me? What I didn’t realize at the time was writing was to be the catalyst (or trigger) to enter and expand my inner genius. Writing wasn’t the thing itself but I had to trust my inner genius notion and get cracking at it, in order to enable the full-on experience.

So follow that thready fish poop if that’s what your intuition is suggesting because it just might be your (trigger and) doorway into solving the mess the oceans have become, and supplying the rest of us with the solution to restore its health. Because whatever YOUR inner genius is, it’s big. HUGE and has the potential to save the world. Oh, and you too. :0)

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