Your inner genius has a shadow side

Finding your inner genius
May 6, 2019
The shadow IG can cause pain
May 6, 2019

Your inner genius has a shadow side

When your inner genius goes unacknowledged life can become ugly, I kid you not. Happiness seeps through our hands like water.

A shadow expression of your inner genius can be a useful thing in ferreting out exactly where your super power is if you’re having trouble recognizing it yourself. For some people, the inner genius has dumbed itself down from being ignored or minimized to the point where it doesn’t represent a sense of value to you anymore therefore making it easy to overlook. But it hasn’t gone away, it can’t. Your inner genius is you. As integral the breath you draw to live.

Having a shadow side can emotionally reflect in your personality as resentful, jealous, bitter, disgruntled, petty feelings and thoughts aimed at a type of person, profession, art or academia (person, place or thing). These are feelings and thoughts that everyone has from time to time, but your shadow genius will recreate them faithfully and consistently in the same areas your shiny nice inner genius is suppressed and unacknowledged. Awareness can change all that.

If you can’t recognize your inner genius look for it’s shadow, the pain of being ignored and minimized can be towering, therefore easy to locate, especially since it consistently shows up in the same places repetitively. Looking for your shadow genius is like a reverse-lookup.

Have a perpetual bee in your bonnet about anything like that? Let’s hear about it. And don’t worry if you’ve only revealed yourself to your BFF because, you know, to reveal yourself here may suggest you’re small and petty. Well guess what? We’re all small and petty from time to time. Fill these questions out and see what comes up for you.

  • I hate people that…
  • My pet peeves are…
  • I feel impatiently irritated when…
  • This never fails to make me angry…
  • I’ve perpetually peeved about…
  • I feel like a loser when I see others succeeding at…
  • The certain types of people that typically irritate me are…
  • Types of movies that always attract me (and I can watch this type until the cows come home)
  • I feel jealous or envious when

Once you answer these questions see if there’s some sort of theme presenting itself. Do your answers have a commonality that is pointing you in a particular direction?

When you begin to seek out your own unique inner genius, it or its shadow will become evident. Trust that this part of yourself will help you. After all, it’s the genius, why should you have to work hard? Tell your inner genius you’re sorry for minimizing and overlooking it all these years and that you’re now ready to acknowledge and support this aspect of yourself—so please become obviously evident. Then sit back and wait. :0) But pay attention! Use your awareness and let that awareness penetrate your consciousness.

If it hurts to do this read on.

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